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Welland’s Trusted Dental Clinic With Infection Control Standards

At Besma Dental Family Centre, our dentists implement the highest possible infection control standards for the safety of our patients. During every dental appointment, our dentists scrub hands properly and use a new pair of disposable gloves. For each dental procedure, every team member wears a mask and protective eyewear. To protect patients from rigorous infection, all instruments are sterilized in an autoclave and handpieces are always heat-sterilized between patients.

In adherence to government standards, we use barrier covers on exposed surfaces and disinfect all others. When it comes to the disposal of bio-dental waste and sharp instruments, we dispose them of in safe containers supplied by a biomedical disposal company. Our team does weekly spore testing of our sterilization equipment sending samples to a reputable lab. All our staff members are regularly updated about infection control procedures. At our clinic, we adhere to these control procedures because your health and wellness are important to us. Call us to schedule an appointment.

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