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Pain-Relieving Botox Treatments in Welland

Our clinic is proud to offer the community of Welland therapeutic Botox treatments, an approved remedy for tension migraines. Many adults suffer from pain associated with jaw stiffness, bruxism, and chronic tension headaches before discovering the life-changing benefits of Botox therapy. Contact our clinic to learn more about how this treatment can improve your quality of life.

Healing Through Botox Therapy

Often, the issues addressed by Botox are painful and difficult to find relief for from elsewhere. As a result, Botox has grown increasingly popular for not only its cosmetic applications, but its therapeutic properties as well. The active ingredient works by relaxing muscles, thereby relieving the tension which causes muscular pain. Many chronic health concerns are rooted in muscle tension, such as migraines, certain kinds of lock jaw, and other TMJ concerns.

Conditions Helped By Botox

Botox is a safe, minimally invasive procedure which acts as a useful remedy for a diverse set of painful issues. These troubles include:

  • Tension Type Migraines

  • Jaw-Locking Issues

  • Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)

  • Chronic Tension Headaches

  • TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Issues

What to Expect

When you receive Botox treatments to help relieve pain, our experienced dentist will make several injections in your facial region. The specific locations of the injections are variable, and will differ according to your individual health concern. Most often, treatment produces results quickly and requires relatively infrequent follow-up visits. Typically, subsequent therapy sessions for the treatment of migraines occur three times annually. If you are suffering from chronic, muscle-related pain, contact our team of professionals to discuss how Botox treatments can help you return to wellness.

Suffering From Chronic Migraines?

Discover how Botox treatments can help you feel well again.

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